Chick Habit

Oct 15

Chick Habit Episode 12 - WTF Were We Drinking?

Last night Trish and I got hammed on some vodka and diet cherry Pepsi (it was free from the grocery store, don’t judge). Since we haven’t recorded in a while, we decided to punish you with 40 minutes of us talking and getting cray.

We listen to music from Julia Weldon, who we think is a Biebian but who plays country-tinged folk music

We also heard music from Megan McCormick (Um, hello cutie)

Amy Bezunartea (Adorbs)

and Porcelain Smile (Hey girl!)

Also we talk about Decibelle Fest, which is taking place this weekend so grab your tickets if you’re in Chicago, and we go on at length about my love of Walgreens stocking caps. I mean hello, they are $1.99 and fit my head in all the right ways.