Chick Habit

May 04

Chick Habit: Episode 5

May 04

This Week on Chick Habit: 5-4-2010

Mia and Trish talk about the recent coming out of Christian singer Jennifer Knapp, country star Chely Wright and Puerto Rican MC Lisa M. Also, they interview Psalm One, a bisexual hip-hop artist from Chicago who just released her new album Woman at Work for free. They discuss Niki Minaj, No Homo and the recent use of metaphors in rap music.

There’s music from all of the women above as well as:

The Shondes

Apr 09

This Week on Chick Habit: 4-9-2010

This week, Trish shares her thoughts on the musical performances at the Dinah, from Ke$ha to Salt-N-Peppa to God-DES and She. Also, Mia and Trish give two thumbs up to the new Lindsay Lohan single, “Stuck,”¬†discuss Amanda Palmer's break-up with her label and get geeked on Corin Tucker's new solo album with Kill Rock Stars.

And music from:

Kim Zolciak with DJ Tracy Young

btw if you want to hear how much better “Tardy for the Party” is than Jo De La Rosa’s “You Can’t Control Me” click here.

Thee Satisfaction

Evelyn Evelyn

Mar 18

This Week on Chick Habit: 3-18-2010

This week, Trish and Mia dedicate the episode to some of the queer female musicians playing SXSW, including the legendary GayBiGayGay showcase on the last day of the festival. They also talk about Carrie Brownstein's comments on her new band and the possible reunion of Sleater-Kinney, as well as the idea of older lesbian music (ala the Indigo Girls) serving as a guilty pleasure, as mentioned by the band MEN in an interview with

And music from:

Bridget Lyons

Holly Miranda

Shunda K

Butch County

An Horse