Chick Habit

May 21

Chick Habit Episode 7

May 21

This Week on Chick Habit: 5-21-2010

We’ve had some rather large interviews taking place on AfterEllen this week which Trish and Mia are pretty pumped about. Mia had the opportunity to interview one of the hottest trainers around, Jackie Warner, and Trish got to interview rock icon (and lesbian icon), Melissa Ethridge. Melissa’s ex-wife, Tammy Lynn, had a few choice (and very poetic) words to say in response to some of ME’s answers.

We also discussed the AfterEllen Hot 100 (Mia’s picks got robbed!). We found out some of our readers think Zoe Saldana might be gay (they also thought her name was Joe though…). Hmm, maybe this is why ? Meanwhile, the last 10 seconds of that video just made my stomach go in gigantic loops and I want to go home from work right this second to take care of bidness. 

They also featured music from Mad June:

Plastiq Passion:

and Very Angry Girls: